How Many Guns Are Too Many?

After responding to a burglary call at a Rockford, Illinois home, police failed to apprehend the thief but found something that is perhaps much more interesting. WTVO reports that upon entering the home of an unnamed 67 year old resident they were surprised to find a weapons cache of over 300 weapons ranging from shotguns to rifles.

The homeowner, a registered firearm owner, was out of town at the time of the burglary. According to police, the weapons were taken for safekeeping. The guns will be cross-checked against police databases to ensure they have not been used for criminal activity.

While it’s probably a good idea to take the weapons for safekeeping, considering that the house was broken into and the homeowner was out of town, what’s equally as interesting is the reaction of the neighbors:

“It’s just un-real to see this many guns involved a regular residential neighborhood,” says concerned resident McArthur Tennin.

Coley Woods lives across the street from the home. He says, “I’m thinking it’s an accident or something, but I look over and I see them with all them rifles.”

Woods’ says, “Even if he’s a registered gun owner or not, that just seems like its too many rifles.”

This brings to the forefront the question of how many guns are too many?

Three hundred may seem like quite a large number to the average, non-gun collecting American. But the homeowner in this particular case is 67 years old, suggesting he may have been a collector of fine weaponry for several decades. Considering this, it is not out of the question for a retiree to amass a large gun collection.

Hopefully the homeowner will have his guns returned when he gets back to town, but he’ll most certainly have a lot of questions to answer at the local police station.

A recent Austin, Texas search warrant executed against a resident who had been involved in digging an under ground bunker yielded a variety of self defense armaments, including large amounts of ammunition and 19 weapons, as well as compressed gas tanks used for welding.

The neighbors in this case also responded with fear:

“It’s scary to know that he had all that down there. What if something had exploded,” Landon said.

Another example of police seizing weapons for “safe keeping” was recently reported in Anatomy of a Police State Setup and Coverup, where police arrived at the home of a San Luis Obispo, California resident who was legally target shooting on his land. After executing an illegal search warrant, police found a safe containing several weapons and subsequently seized those weapons for safe keeping. The justification for the search and seizure was that the homeowner negligently discharged his firearm, something he had done for years without issue.

It seems that anytime law enforcement enters a home, be it legally or illegally, and a weapons cache is found, anything more than perhaps a handgun and a rifle rings the alarm, resulting in a painstaking process for the gun owner if they ever want to retrieve the weapons.

Since the second amendment of the Constitution makes no specific reference the number of arms an individual can store for personal defense, there should be no question as to how many weapons one can personally own and keep at home. Has law enforcement and the citizenary come up with an imaginary and arbitrary number that’s safe for everyone? Perhaps one gun per household, or maybe a bit more leniency and we can make it one gun per resident of the home?

Where should we draw the line?

Maybe the best thing to do is to first determine if the individual in question has or had ill intentions with the weapons before we use the media to spread fear about extremist, right-wing pistol packers.

One thing’s for sure, however. Because of failures by our federal policing agencies to stop the flow of illegal aliens through our southern border, namely those related to drug smuggling and violence, ranchers in states like Texas and Arizona should probably be heavily armed, lest they end up either stabbed to death or have their land taken over by paramilitary drug organizations. If those living in violence prone areas ever need to call upon neighbors or local militia to assist with defending their land against would-be drug smugglers, kidnappers and thieves, it’s better that they be armed to the teeth with 300 shotguns and rifles than sling shots and BB guns.

Hat tip Check It News

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: August 13th, 2010
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