Cops Visit Iraq to train for Martial Law

Brave Rifles train with APD

By Sgt. Richard Sherba, 3rd ACR Public Affairs

 March 11, 2010 | News
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Soldiers from the 3rd ACR train with members of the Austin Police Department, who are helping them prepare for their upcoming deployment later this year. Sgt. Richard Sherba, 3rd ACR Public Affairs
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Soldiers from the 3rd ACR work together with the Austin Police Department during a recent training session. Sgt. Richard Sherba, 3rd ACR Public Affairs
Soldiers from the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment are preparing to deploy to Iraq this summer. The months and days leading up to their impending deployment have been full of preparation and training for the upcoming mission. The regiment returned from its last deployment to Iraq in February 2009. Since then, the environment in Iraq has changed. To address those changes, the Brave Rifles recently teamed up with the Austin Police Department to train.

“Third ACR leadership came and approached us, and asked if there was any way we could possibly assist, like we did back in ‘07, in helping prepare the Soldiers in a law enforcement manner for their next deployment,” said Lt. Steve Deaton of the Austin Police Department’s Special Operations unit.

“This is a unique opportunity for the squadron and the regiment, at large, to have the Austin Police let us come down to the academy and have them come to Fort Hood,” Maj. Thomas McNew, Tiger Squadron, 3rd ACR, said. “It helps us start down the road of partnering with police forces not unlike we will be doing in theatre with the Iraqis.”

McNew said the training is putting a different perspective on the 3rd ACR’s training of Soldiers, and is helping the regiment build a cadre of Soldiers that can go over to Iraq and train the Iraqi police. The two-week training was broken into two parts, the first week focusing on police fundamentals and the second week involving tactical training.

During the first week of training the APD was accompanied by a municipal judge and two attorneys from the Austin City Prosecutors’ Office. Some of the topics covered during the first week of training ranged from police ethics, crime scene investigation, case and courtroom preparation and collection of physical evidence.

During the second week the Soldiers received tactical training covering a broad range of topics including dynamic entry, firearms, vehicle assault, raid planning and improvised explosive device recognition. That week was also an opportunity for the regiment to learn more techniques on minimizing collateral damage during these dynamic operations.

“With the military mindset we’re about clearing each room and going on. The police mindset it’s more of a flowing through the entire structure and try and hit it as hard and as fast as you can,” Sgt. Scott Marvick, Tiger Squadron, said. “We’re learning some tactics that we have gone through before but we’re also getting a different side of it from the police department. We can learn things from them and take it back and integrate it into things we already know.”

Deaton, who supervises a SWAT team, bomb squad and an intelligence unit for APD, recently returned from Iraq.

“I had a unique perspective because I recently have gone to Iraq to evaluate law enforcement over there, and I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer and assist with the 3rd ACR training,” Deaton said. “We’re showing the Soldiers urban law enforcement so that they can go and train the Iraqi police. The Army obviously doesn’t need any instructions from us on how to shoot and engage in combat, because they are the best in the world at doing that. But having to go in with a softer approach and more of a law enforcement type of approach, now that is maybe something we can show them.”

Reflecting on the training, Deaton added, “The training has been symbiotic; we’ve (APD) probably learned more than what we’ve taught. To a man, all of these 3rd ACR Soldiers have been motivated, energetic and bright.”


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