Broccoli “Super Food”

Broccoli ‘could aid breast cancer fight’ – scientists

Broccoli could hold the key to the fight against breast cancer, scientists believe.

By John Bingham
Published: 7:45AM BST 05 May 2010

The vegetable, already hailed as a so-called “superfood”, contains a chemical capable of targeting the cells which fuel the growth of tumours.

A component of broccoli called sulforaphane targets and kills cancer stem cells as well as preventing new tumours from growing, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.

Current chemotherapies do not work against cancer stem cells. Researchers believe that eliminating the cancer stem cells is key to controlling cancer.

The study, published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, charts how scientists at the university’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre tested the effects of sulforaphane in experiments involving mice and cell cultures.

Prof Duxin Sun, the author of the study, said: “Sulforaphane has been studied previously for its effects on cancer, but this study shows that its benefit is in inhibiting the breast cancer stem cells.

“This new insight suggests the potential of sulforaphane or broccoli extract to prevent or treat cancer by targeting the critical cancer stem cells.”

Researchers took mice with breast cancer and injected varying concentrations of sulforaphane from the broccoli extract.

They then used several established methods to assess the number of cancer stem cells in the tumours.

These measures showed a marked decrease in the cancer stem cell population after treatment with sulforaphane, with little effect on the normal cells.

Cancer cells from mice treated with sulforaphane were also unable to generate new tumours.

The researchers then tested sulforaphane on human breast cancer cell cultures in the lab, finding similar decreases in the cancer stem cells.

Researchers are currently developing a method to extract and preserve sulforaphane.

The tests involved higher concentrations of sulforaphane than are available by simply eating broccoli.

Raw Broccoli, Cabbage Slash Bladder Cancer Risk by 40 Percent; Cooking Destroys Benefits

(NaturalNews) Eating as little as three small servings of raw cruciferous vegetables per month, such as broccoli and cabbage, has been found to decrease the risk of developing bladder cancer by an astonishing 40 percent. This was discovered by researchers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. The study is only one of several that have recently added to the evidence that raw fruits and vegetables dramatically lower cancer risk.

In this study, researchers conducted a survey on the dietary habits of 1,100 people, 275 of whom had bladder cancer. They found that among both smokers and non-smokers, those who ate three or more servings of raw cruciferous vegetables each month had a 40 percent lower risk of developing bladder cancer. Compared with smokers who did not eat that amount, non-smokers who ate three or more servings of raw cruciferous vegetables per month had a 73 percent lower chance of developing bladder cancer.

Keep in mind that this research only involved three small servings a month! That’s a ridiculously small amount of vegetable matter, and yet it had a profound anti-cancer effect.

Given that these cruciferous anti-cancer nutrients only stay in the body for about twelve hours, these study subjects only experienced a total of about 36 hours with these nutrients (out of a total of 720 hours in a typical month). In other words, they only had these anti-cancer nutrients in their bodies five percent of the time and yet, astonishingly, their bladder cancer rates plummeted by 40 percent!

Also remarkably, the researchers did not find a protective benefit from eating the same quantity of cooked cruciferous vegetables. This indicates that the anti-cancer properties of cruciferous vegetables are destroyed by cooking.

This is exactly what the leaders of the raw foods movement have been saying for years: Dr. Gabriel Cousens (, David Wolfe (, the Boutenko family (, David Rain (, Nomi Shannon (, Angela Stokes (, Brian Clement (, Max Gerson ( and many others.

Keep in mind, too, that conventional medicine pill pushers have derided the raw foods movement for years, claiming raw foods have absolutely no health effects whatsoever on the human body. That outmoded view, of course, is considered hopelessly ancient by all but the most out-of-touch doctors and skeptics. What we’re finding today is not only that raw foods are good medicine, but in fact raw foods are the BEST medicine for virtually all the big diseases now devastating Western civilization.

The findings of the Roswell Park study were presented at a meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research in Philadelphia.

Why raw vegetables not only prevent cancer, but REVERSE cancer

Cruciferous vegetables, also known as vegetables in the mustard or cabbage family, are some of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world, accounting for 10 of the most popular vegetable foods. The family includes not only cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, but also arugula, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, daikon, garden cress, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, radish, rape (canola), rapini, rutabaga, tatsoi, turnip, wasabi and watercress.

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