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Hello All!

I’ve decided to create a blog. I’m tired of posting important health & political news / articles on Facebook & Myspace just to be ignored by friends. The majority of the population would rather play a fake farm game than to actually grow their own organic food. They’d rather pretend to be a mobster than to learn how to prepare themselves for a real horrific attack. So those who subscribe and view MY blog better be prepared to use BOTH sides of their brain….so don’t get emotional for my fact based opinions.

Mudweiser Matt Out!

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  1. LMAO! Man you gotta realize that the majority of the population is going to be like you describe…

    • I know…I don’t need their stupidity & bad habits to wear off on me.

  2. Well I can’t say that I blame you. I block all that shit out, it never fails, about once every 2 weeks, another app pops up, and I gotta block that one too.

    • Yeah…I knew you would. We are the few that actually paid attention in school and haven’t smoked crack!

      • lol. Well, I think we listened to what the history actually said instead of the spin that the teachers put on it. Both of us have also worked since we were in school, instead of living on our parents dime another 4 years (or more). I think that makes us look at things from a more realistic perspective than most.


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